Test & review: What to think of the Canada Goose jacket for men?

The Jackets Canada Goose has become a real phenomenon in UK (and especially in London). canada goose uk. But the opinions on the brand are very divided. Some people love it. Others find it very expensive for what it is.

Is the Jackets Canada Goose a good buy?

I decided to demystify the famous parka. canada goose uk sale. This “Test and review” tells you all about these Harvey coats straight from Canada. You will also discover the history of the brand and the equivalents to the Canada Goose Down Coats.



The promises of the Canadian parka brand. The brand works around a central element: protecting us from the cold.

This is reflected in what people say when they talk about it. canada goose jacket clearance. To write this article, I have travelled a lot of forums and interviewed people who wear jackets Canada Goose. And you notice one thing:

  • Canada Goose Expedition Fur-Hood Parka, Black, Women’s, M
  • Men’s Canada Goose ‘Chilliwack’ Down Bomber Jacket With Genuine Coyote Trim, Size Medium – Black
  • Canada Goose Lodge Down Hooded Jacket – Men’s Black/Black, M
  • Canada Goose Lunenberg Hooded Parka Jacket with Fur Trim, Black, Women’s, M
  • Canada Goose Trillium Parka for Mens

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Everyone agrees that it is a brand that keeps its promises. Inevitably, the products have incredible technical characteristics. canada goose coat. The majority of jackets Canada Goose resists the greatest cold. Some parkas are resistant to temperatures up to-30 °.

But where is the proof that Canada Goose offers parkas that are really hot? The brand emphasizes its promise of insulation against the cold thanks to those who use it. canada goose coat mens. It is common for scientific expeditions to the North and South Poles and the film crews to use Canada Goose. The brand is also the sponsor of celebrities who work in extreme conditions.

The history of the Canadian brand

Canada Goose was born in 1957 under the name of Metro Sportswear. Entrepreneur Sam Tick then develops a company that specializes in wool jackets, raincoats, canada goose wyndham parka uk and snowmobile combinations. Gradually, the brand specializes in extreme conditions. It becomes the supplier of the scientists and film sets, which spend months in the coldest regions.

Canada Goose Wyndham Parka Jacket - Black Label

Canada Goose Wyndham Parka Jacket – Black Label

A big turning point comes in 2001. Dani Reiss, the founder’s grandson takes over the reins of the brand. It transforms its functional side into a real brand of fashion that appeals to its jackets ultra hot. canada goose sale. The brand takes on an international reputation thanks to the coup de coeurs of the French and the Swiss.



To illustrate the impact of the work of Dani Reiss, the company rose from $3 million in revenue to 2001 to 600 million in 2018. Where the story becomes impressive is that Dani Reiss has managed all of this by concentrating on three aspects:

  • Keep manufacturing in Canada (while all of its competitors were going to China);
  • Never compromise on the quality level (even if it costs more);
  • Transform a technical brand into a real luxury brand that promotes the technicity of its products.

These three points are central to the success of his strategy. I would add a fourth point: its ability to mix the quality of its products with an imaginary of the brand. Black Friday Clothing 2018 – Lowest Prices Sales & Wholesale Deals. canada goose black friday 2018. This Cyber Monday enjoy amazing savings with fabulous deals from your favourite brands. Dani Reiss also benefited from having celebrity support like Matt Damon. And he received beautiful product placements as in the film The next day.

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