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Canada Goose Original

canada goose womens coat
canada goose womens coat

Has it already turned white? In front of your window or at least on the weather channel? There is enough reason to rejoice in snow and cold – at least for the fashionable people. Because the winter season boasts numerous highlights. Down jackets in statement colours, universal parkas, elegant lambskin coats – finally comes the time when our new acquisitions are allowed to prove what they promise. That they look cool and keep you warm. That wind and weather can’t harm them. That they cut a great figure – despite the thick fillings. canada goose jacket womens sale. Some of these jackets are even so functional that they go along with everything from everyday life in the city to the trip on the slopes. A great promise that’s a bit like the lure of a hotel with a huge spa area: You think it’s great what you could do – and then just go to the sauna for a moment. But completely honest? That’s exactly what luxury is: Anything can, nothing has to be. Especially in fashion.

Canada Goose Hendrikson Coat 3205M – Charred Wood Parka for UK Mens

Canada Goose Hendrikson Coat 3205M – Charred Wood Parka for UK Mens

Chateau Parka

There’s nothing going on without this classic. This season, too, this Canada Goose model will make hearts beat faster. In November 2017, Canada Goose will open a POP UP STORE on London. For men and women. Jackets, coats, parkas … All for a cold winter! Indescribably beautiful rock formations and endless snowfields; In the middle of it all, the new winter fashion – a little more beautiful, a journal can’t come across. Sure, after the summer, Mann has to get used to putting on more than chinos, sneakers and T-shirt. canada goose uk outlet. But let’s face it, at the sight of the new winter collections, you can’t help but look forward to cold, short days. Winter fashion has never been more comfortable, modern and functional. Authentic is mixed with classics. Absolute must-haves: Jacket and parka. And the new models are both everyday and pistol-ready. Around it, cashmere caps, leather gloves and sweaters made of high-quality Merino wool ensure the perfect winter feeling. Oh winter, you can be so beautiful.

Women's Canada Goose Victoria Parka – Bordeaux

Women’s Canada Goose Victoria Parka – Bordeaux

Black Label

Already available … We also sell the Black Label line from the USA. The largest selection in central Switzerland can be found in POP UP STORE online.

Fashion Parka

The camuflage pattern is more popular in the outdoor area than ever. canada goose outlet store uk. Whoever wears this jacket is certainly noticeable. Tarns can be done differently!

Ice cold

Even at minimum temperatures, the fashion heart laughs. Even without fur collar … This two-year rounds of the high-end down jacket brand, Canada Goose UK in a global expansion there is new progress.

Outdoor darling

Canada Goose Savona Hooded Quilted Bomber Jacket

Canada Goose Savona Hooded Quilted Bomber Jacket

Off in the Antarctic Low Temperature. Canada Goose is also primed for this activity. Snow bunnies beware! A lot cheaper than anywhere else!

Jet set feeling at minus temperatures

With a turtleneck sweater and a Canada Goose jacket, it’s easy to stand even with icy temberatures outside. Be it with equestrian sports or window shopping.

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